Managing one’s inaugural expectations


The thought of spending 3 hours on a train from New York to Washington, D.C. with a bunch of Obama supporters excited me.

As tired as I am, I had already decided that I would forego sleep in order to converse with others who will witness history. I envisioned train riders telling stories, laughing, crying and sipping wine. Instead I sit on Amtrak 199 struggling to stay awake. Where is everybody? Where’s the giddiness? Where are the black folks? And where is the damn crew?

We should have departed at 3:06 and it is now after 4 pm. I thought the delay may have to do with the President-elect’s train ride from Phily to the nation’s capital, but a short while ago we were told there was a crew shortage. Uh oh, we are moving, exactly 62 minutes after scheduled departure time.

My train isn’t even half full. I am in business and it is less than half full. I took a walk through coach and saw it was about half full. Yet it was hard for me to buy a train ticket 3 days ago.


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