Yes, there are crowds – just deal with it

foggy-bottom-1-smallThis is what it was like stepping off the Metro at the Foggy Bottom station as I tried to get to my hotel yesterday. Everybody was headed to the free concert at the Lincoln Memorial. It took me about 15 minutes to get to daylight.


Everyone had a good attitude about the Barack Obama inaugural madness but you know there’s always one sourpuss in the crowd. One woman commented about all of the “tourists” in town. I mentioned to her that I am a tourist and us “tourists” are bringing a lot of money to her District. She said what we’re bringing is “mass hysteria.”

Obviously she knew there would be crowds. I don’t know why Debbie Downer didn’t take her bad attitude out of town during these few days if she couldn’t wait a few extra minutes to WALK up the escalator.

I knew I would never make it onto the Metro from my hotel last night so I walked 30 minutes to my event. I didn’t mind at all. I put on my Uggs, carried my dress boots and huffed it. Being a Manhattanite has its advantages.


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