My Lasts

It never escapes me that everything I do in my neighborhood is now the last time.

As I walked to the subway this morning, to return Time Warner’s equipment, a friendly owner of a store that seems to sell any item I need such as string, hooks to hang photos, etc., said “hello beautiful” to me as he always does. That will likely be the last time we see each other.

As I descended the stairs at the 145th Street station, I thought, this is the last time I will go down these stairs.

When I return from running this errand I will likely stop in the Subway sandwich shop and order my final BMT on roasted garlic bread at this location. I’ll enjoy it as I wait on my movers to arrive.

I am glad I got to experience Harlem for there are some wonderful things, such as the abundance of parks. No, I didn’t go to them when people were there but seeing the greenery is nice. Jackie Robinson Park is just north of me and St. Nicholas Park to the west. I sometimes walked Lucy through JR in the morning.

And I liked walking down the historical Striver’s Row, 139th and 138th Streets between Frederick Douglas and Adam Clayton Powell. Being on those streets were inspirational. Having the streets named after many deceased African-American leaders was nice and kept their accomplishments fresh in my mind. Who knows when I will hear their names again.

I just got off the A train at Columbus Circle and spotted a rat scurrying around the tracks. Earlier this year there was one on the platform, waiting for the train I guess. As I wait for the D or B train to take me to 34th Street I am forced to listen to a former crack head turned preacher. At least he’s not begging for money. Just spreading the word and telling how he used to steal from his mother to support his habit. Glad he saw the light.



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2 responses to “My Lasts

  1. Sheree

    No way! I lives in the same neighborhood for 7 years. Across from the Dunbar. What a small world!

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