What was Steve McNair thinking?

Steve McNair_Sahel Kazemi

I know all the details aren’t in on what happened with the tragic shooting of ex-Tennessee Titans star Steve McNair. And some deets may never be known because they are only known by two deceased people. But I don’t think it’s too early to ask: what was this man thinking?

Picking up a then 19-year-old waitress at Dave & Busters? Providing her a 2007 Escalade? Spending an inordinate amount of time with her? This while you have a wife and three kids at home?

Who knows? Maybe Steve and his wife Mechelle were getting a divorce and did not live in Beaver Cleaverland like we first thought when we heard of his death. Their home was reportedly on the market for $3 million. And who knows? Maybe Steve led Sahel Kazemi, 20, to believe that the two would be together after his divorce became final. At least the latter is what a member of Sahel’s  family claims.

But had divorce papers even been filed? Not in Nashville, according to reports.I’m not saying a woman should snoop, but ladies if a man tells you he is getting a divorce, ask to see the papers. Or better yet, ask which city or county they are filed in and go to the courthouse and pull them  yourself. These things are public record. If he gets offended that you would ask for proof then that’s on him. In the end he’ll realize that you’re one smart cookie to not take everyone’s word.

Sahel, whose mother was killed in their native Iran, is already being painted as a naive young woman by her family, who says she would never even hurt a bug so there is no way she killed Steve and turned the gun on herself. If not her then who is culprit? Sahel’s ex-boyfriend? The wife of the ex-NFL star? Seems doubtful considering the police aren’t searching for suspects.

Steve’s widow Mechelle McNair, the mother of three of Steve’s four sons and reportedly distraught, hasn’t been heard from. I’m sure she could shed plenty of light on this situation because the wife is never the last to know. Just ask South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s wife Jenny. It’s interesting that police didn’t even put in the affidavit that Steve was in the car when his lover was arrested for DUI the other night. I don’t know if that’s customary or if the cops were protecting their hometown hero from a scandal.

Well, there’s no protecting him now. The scandal is at full brew. Autopsy results are due this afternoon so we should know a lot more soon. What we may never know is what was Steve McNair thinking?



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3 responses to “What was Steve McNair thinking?

  1. urbantravelgirl

    This whole mess is such a pitiful shame. As always, my first thought is, “What about his poor wife?” And in this case, his sons? What does this tragic end (and the alleged affair that probably led to it) say to McNair’s kids about marriage and fidelity? I always loved to watch McNair play and rooted endlessly for him on NFL game days. Too bad it now appears he was a hero on the field only.


  2. trebord

    We can generally know what Steve was thinking… here’s an attractive young lady that I can have some fun with because life with the Mrs ain’t what it used to be before there were three kids to deal with… and I miss the glamour of going from city to city and having women lined up waiting to have fun. No, no-one will ever know and if they find out, I’ll lie about it until I can’t anymore, then I’ll trot my wife out and publicly apologize IF I offended anyone. I’ll ask the public to let us work this out in private. And as long as Sahel doesn’t find out that I’m playin’ her, everything’s cool.

    And that night:

    This girl ain’t as dumb as I thought… how’d she find out? Now what do I do? Gotta tell her it’s over ’cause my wife will get everything in a divorce once this hits. But one more time for old times’ sake.

    And a few hours later, while getting out of the bed to get dressed early the next morning:

    “Sahel, we need to talk”

    And then finally…

    “Put my gun down!”

  3. Dee Jones

    What the HELL was he thinking? You can screw around and get away with it! Paraded her in PUBLIC. How come Steve not seen in the DUI arrest? I did not see another cop on the seen in the video. The PO-PO were trying to protect Steve! If that situation had come to light maybe things would have ended up different ! Steve should have saw that gold-digger from a mile away! Cheat on your wife and you could end up with a KILLER!

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