Thank you ABC News for clearing Barack


When I awoke this morning and checked Twitter, I saw a friend’s tweet about President Barack Obama being “McNaired” in a photo. I could only imagine what compromising position our Prez had found himself in while at the G8 conference in Italy, where womanizing gets a pass. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

At that moment ABC’s Good Morning America showed a humorous segment about a photo being taken out of context. The photo appears to show Obama and French President Nicolas Sarzoky checking out the ass on a young woman as she walks past them. Thankfully GMA showed a video which seems to show Obama not  focusing on the girl’s rear end but more on the steps as helps another woman get in position for a photograph. As for the thrice-married Sarkozy, who doesn’t have the scandalous reputation of summit host Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi but didn’t help himself by quickly marrying the gorgeous Carla Bruni  before the signature on his divorce papers dried, he is flat out leering at the woman. Sarkozy even goes so far as to  peek around Obama’s back to get a better glimpse of the woman’s butt.

Thankfully some media outlets ran the video that clears Barack and stops people from comparing him to Bill Clinton. Now everyone wants to know who the girl is. According to reports, the mystery ass belong to Mayara Tavares, a 16- or 17-year-old junior delegate from Brazil. Well, of course she’s Brazilian. For over 20 I’ve been hearing married men brag about going to Brazil to get their groove on. They’re on the hunt for the Mayaras of the world. All I can say is be careful stepping out on your wives. You don’t want to end up McNaired.

And isn’t it sad that Steve McNair, who was fatally shot last week by his suicide-commiting jumpoff, isn’t even buried and already his surname is a verb used in conjunction with cheating men?


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