Weighing in on Michael Vick


I rarely miss CBS’ 60 Minutes and I’ll be sure to tune in this Sunday to watch James Brown’s interview with Michael Vick.  Not that I need to wait until Sunday to find out what Michael says.

He’ll express remorse and apologize. Say that he learned his lessons and did a lot of thinking while in the pokey for 18 months. Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the U.S., will say how animals deserve to be treated better than what Vick did and it’s his company’s job to see to it that people realize that. And former NFL coach Tony Dungy, who is a special advisor to Vick, will say that Mike paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance in the NFL.

This, after all, is the country of second chances. We give them to murderers, rapists, robbers, drunk drivers, child abusers and white collar criminals. Why should Michael be denied the right to work when sports leagues have not banished other law-breakers from its rosters? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally re-instated Michael to play on July 27. Now the question is which owner will have the balls to sign him? Which team wants to endure PETA’s rabid picketers outside its practice facility and stadium for several weeks, maybe all season?

The other day a dear friend wanted to know my opinion on the Michael Vick situation because I’m a dog owner and a huge NFL fan. It’s not a question of whether a dog’s life is worth more than a human’s. I told her that I don’t care what has happened in the past with other athletes back on the court or field after breaking the law but at some point we have to stop giving athletes preferential treatment just because they can throw a football further, run faster or shoot a basketball with more accuracy than the rest of us. It sets a bad example for youth and it is why athletes  continue to think they are above the law. It’s why Plaxico Burress thinks its OK to walk into a Manhattan nightclub packing a loaded weapon and stupidly shoots himself. It’s why Donte Stallworth gets behind the wheel of a car after smoking weed and drinking and kills a man in Miami. It’s why athletes rape women.

Chances are if I were convicted of bankrolling a dog fighting ring and participated in the killing of dogs that didn’t measure up by shooting, hanging, drowning or slamming them to the ground that I wouldn’t be hired by a company upon my release. So what’s Michael to do? Everyone deserves to earn a living. He’s in debt up to his ears and has already filed for bankruptcy. (Welcome to the real world!) There are plenty of ex-cons out there working and I’m sure Mike’s parole officer can direct him to a less high-profile business that will allow the former quarterback to earn a paycheck. It won’t bring him anywhere near the millions he once earned but we see what he did with that money didn’t we?



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4 responses to “Weighing in on Michael Vick

  1. I LOVE IT! Well written. Well done. Well said. Bravo!!! And you can still be a fan of the NFL and not be considered a animal loving zelot. I have been singing this tune for months. Thank you!!

  2. urbantravelgirl

    Kelly, you know what an animal lover I am. And when it comes to criminals, which is exactly what Mike Vick is, I’m all for them having to pay the price for their crimes. He and his homies knew EXACTLY what they were doing with that dogfighting ring — and if Vick didn’t have sense enough to distance himself from those losers, he DESERVED to go to jail and once out, figure out how to make a living in the “real world” the rest of us live in.

    You are so right that pro athletes are over-coddled. Playing pro football or baseball or hockey for that matter is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Who cares how Mike Vick makes a living? I care about the precious animals with the misfortune of finding their paths crossed with this guy and his “friends.”

  3. Yes, It was wrong what Mike did. But come on….This stuff going on all over the country! In every urban setting you people strollin’ with there pit bulls. I think they are ugly myself, but thats just me….So what to do?? Round up everyone who owns a fight dog?? Its was stupid, but he did his time thats it…let it go…American society has gotten its priorities all messed up. We people sleeping the streets…Hell the way things are going we might eating our pets in the near future…But next time you on your make-up or thoses lamb chops..think about that poor animal…..

    • Azphalt,
      I realize dog fighting is a way of life in many urban areas. What bothers me the most about Michael Vick is his Bad Newz Kennel killed the dogs that didn’t perform well. Not just killed but in such a heinous manner as slamming them to their death, shooting them, drowning them and even electrocuting them. That’s just downright cruel. If an NFL player doesn’t perform, does he get shot? No! He gets released so he can get on with his life. Why not just release the dogs or put them in the parking lot of a shelter in the middle of the night? Somebody who allows something like that to happen cannot be cured by a couple of years of jail. It is a true sign of their character. Would you want someone like that to date your daughter? Your sister? I believe in forgiveness but I wouldn’t hire the man, the same as a normal ex-con would have trouble finding work as well. I just want Michael to be treated like other ex-cons. And dog fighting and killing dogs for fun is not akin to killing an animal in order to survive. Because we are at the top of the food chain, we kill animals to eat. Animals kill lizards to survive. Lizards eat insects. That’s what a food chain is. People who eat lamb chops do not drown, electrocute and slam lambs to their death for the heck of it.

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