Ministers, mistresses and wives, oh what a tangled web


For a bright woman, Dr. Betty Price sure sounds naive. She said she’s sure her husband, the well-known television minister Apostle Fred Price, didn’t cheat on her with a particular woman because, as she told, “I knew he wasn’t doing anything with her physically because I was taking care of him at home.” What makes her think sex at home will keep a husband from straying?

Men can have off-the-chain sex that makes them howl like a wounded animal in the morning and that night sleep with another woman. So unless she put a chastity belt on her husband she really can’t be 100% certain what he did. She just has to trust him, which she obviously does. But it is interesting that she had to put her foot down with this particular woman and not show up to church one Sunday to show her husband she was serious about his eyebrow-raising behavior with said woman.

Dr. Price writes about this topic of sleeping with married ministers in her book called Warning to Ministers, Their Wives, and Mistresses that I’m sure has had parishioners buzzing in the pews since the book came out in June. The topic isn’t new but is titillating. We’ve seen so-called church women prey on married ministers and married so-called men of God do the same to females. It’s Adam and Eve at its best.

I found her conversation with Essence interesting because she said how she never approached the woman. She just dealt with her husband, who eventually saw her point and stopped spending time with this woman. Eventually the chick went away. I haven’t read the book but I wonder if she asked any ministers why they cheat.

Could it be that they are not being taken care of at home as Dr. Price intimated? Why do you think people cheat? Is fidelity too much to ask of humans? Should infidelity be allowed after, say three years of marriage? Ten? Is it impossible to be faithful for 20 years?



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