Lamar and Khloe’s wedding shamamony

Khloe and Lamar

After waking up to overcast skies, it appears that today is going to be another gorgeous day in L.A. The perfect kind of day for a wedding. But not for Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian!! Someone please stop these two from making perhaps the biggest mistake of their young lives.

It’s not that I don’t believe in love at first sight. I do. I know there are couples out there that have celebrated golden anniversaries although the husband and wife barely knew each other when they wed. But I am most positive the husband did not play in the NBA and the wife was not well, just what is it that Khloe does? Ah yes, she stars in a reality show with her sisters.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what these two gain from this sham of a marriage. From what I understand, Lamar wants to get into entertainment. Okay, I get that. So did Rick Fox. That’s why he chose less money to come play for the Los Angeles Lakers and it probably had something to do with him marrying Vanessa Williams. I give it to Rick though. He married a woman who has something going on although it probably didn’t last because it’s just hard for pro athletes to resist the temptation surrounding them.

Khloe Kardashian? Lamar, what are you thinking? Lamar Odom? Khloe, what are you thinking? I’ve only chatted with Lamar once and we didn’t talk long enough for me to find out if he’s a bright guy but if he goes through with today’s vows then I’ll have my answer. I’ve never talked to Khloe. I ran into her in the bathroom at an event last year but didn’t chat with her. I completely ignored her while I fawned over her beautiful sister Kim. And maybe that’s the problem.

My neighbor Angela brought up a good point as we discussed the so-called happy couple as we walked home from the gym yesterday. Angela figures this marriage is a way for Khloe to step out of Kim’s oh-so-gorgeous shadow and finally capture some attention. Big sis Kourtney is knocked up so she’ll be in the news for a while. Kim, who already has been down the wedding aisle with record producer Damon Thomas, has firmly made a name for herself in the celeb world after dating Ray J and Reggie Bush. And then there’s Khloe, the least unattractive of the clan and who has been lost in the shuffle until now. Posing nude for a PETA ad didn’t give her enough attention.

I just figure there has to be a better way than jumping into a marriage with a guy, an NBA player at that, whom you hardly know. Even if he is a wealthy guy. Khloe is playing beat the clock since the Lakers’ training camp opens in a couple of days. I can understand not wanting to marry a guy while his season is in progress, but would it have been wrong to wait until AFTER the season? Maybe Lamar would have come to his senses by then or fallen in love with one of the many women chasing him around L.A. and on the road.  Has there even been time to draw up a proper prenup? Don’t ask Kobe Bryant, the best man at today’s shamamony. Kobe went against the wishes of his family and married Vanessa — and I think without a prenup. His stubbornness cost Kobe his immediate family for a while but Kobe and Vanessa are still going strong thanks in part to a $4.3 million, 8 ct. purple diamond ring he bought her as a guilt, er, gift, after his sexual assault scandal.

Lamar said he was more mature after tragically losing an infant son in 2006. Could have fooled me. Liza Morales, who gave birth to three children by Lamar, including the one who died of SIDS, said she and everybody is shocked by Lamar and Khloe tying the knot. He was always a commitment-phobe. Well, not anymore. Though I for one think he should have remained one.

Let’s just hope the soon-to-be newlyweds have the good sense not to bring a child into this world until they celebrate their three-year anniversary. How long will  you give this marriage?



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2 responses to “Lamar and Khloe’s wedding shamamony

  1. Adj

    Thank you for saying what we are all thinking. I’m giving ’em three months to fall out of lust and then a year to get out of the legal mess.

  2. LaWanda

    I wish it did not happen so soon but i love khloe way more then her other siters. i hope she finds happiness even if she went about it wrong

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