Am I an alphanista?

Kelly E Carter in blue top

I know I should be working or coloring my hair but my mind keeps wandering back to an email my friend Carol sent me the other day. It read:

Are you on this distribution list. I think of you every time I read the blogs of other women… You are after all an alphanista! 🙂

I had never heard of the word “alphanista.” Self-explanatory as it was, I couldn’t help but click on to see just what it’s all about. As it turns out the site, dedicated to the alpha female perspective, is the brainchild of an author, Maryann Reid. On her about page, she writes:

Alphanista™ focuses on provocative content that you won’t normally find on other blogs.  Known as someone whose opinion differs from the masses, I wanted a site where people can come to and breathe.   Understand that they are not alone, that it is okay not to be perfect, or follow a set of etiquette rules for achieving success.  Topics covered include dating, relationships, sex, careers, food, news, and any little thing that can spark new thought or perspective.  So many times, what we read is about how to be perfect, how to change ourselves, when in reality life will always be a continuous process of change.  It won’t ever stop.  You can come here for fresh ideas on how to keep moving your life forward from where you are right now by focusing on the “alpha” or stronger self inside you.  You’ll also find stuff to make you angry and laugh at the same time.

Alphanista™ started as an idea when friends and I kept complaining about the same  ‘ole magazine articles and wanted something provocative.  How many times are you going to be told, “Make This Your Best Year Ever!” when you just really want to make it the best day ever.   I’ll take the best day because everything begins in the present.  I don’t want to delay my good.  I want it today.  Or what about “Become A New You!”?  What if you like “you” and you just want to know how to get along better with her?

Through research, I found out that other women were getting bored and uninspired, too. Just interviewing women, I learned that there was a crop of them who would never read those magazine articles because they’ve been there, done that.  They want more meat to chew on.  Yes, sometimes you sleep with the boss because you want to.  Grown folks do, what grown folks do.  Yes, sometimes you get pregnant by mistake.  Yes, sometimes you just want to be left alone.  Yes, sometimes you want to move to Italy, eat cheese and flirt with Italian men.  Yes, sometimes you’re in love with the wrong person.  Yes, sometimes, your mouth gets you into trouble.  Yes, sometimes you just don’t know anymore.  That when bad things happen, it doesn’t mean it’s the end, but the very beginning of something new.  Alphanista™ is about taking risks, walking the path less traveled, and defining life on your own terms making new rules all the way.

Let’s see now,  I’ve never slept with a boss but then again I’ve never worked for David Letterman or a politician. I’ve moved to Italy, eaten cheese and flirted with Italian men but where did that two-year stint get me? More entrenched in life as a singleton. Why didn’t I marry a Count? Ah yes, because one stood me up on my birthday. My mouth (or sometimes my fingers with email) have gotten me into trouble.  And there are a lot of times I just don’t know, although for many years it seemed like I knew everything. What happened?

So I guess I am an alphanista. Love the new term! Kind of like a fashionista with substance and control. Thanks Carol!


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