Cheers to the best brunch in Los Angeles

The Bazaar_Jose Andres and Kelly

I told Chef Jose Andres that he’s lucky he’s married, because otherwise I’d propose to him. I had just finished devouring his delicious brunch at the The Bazaar by Jose Andres at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills yesterday and was caught up in the delectable culinary experience that I imagined him serving me the exact same brunch in bed every weekend.

Okay, so it won’t happen. That means I’ll just have to become a regular at brunch, offered on Saturdays and Sundays. I first met Chef Jose (and his lovely wife and three adorable daughters) in Aspen at the Food & Wine Classic, where I interviewed him for a story in USA Today. At the time I hadn’t been so lucky to eat at his restaurant, which opened about a year ago. (He has several in D.C. as well.) But since June I’ve had the pleasure of dining at The Bazaar not one, not two but three times! It is my new favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and the one I send everyone to when asked to recommend a restaurant.

Because pictures tell 1,000 words and I want to keep this post short, here’s what we sampled at yesterday’s media brunch. We started with a snack:

The Bazaar_cotton candy foie gras and bagel and lox cone 2Cotton candy foie gras and bagel and lox cone with salmon roe and herb cream cheese

The Bazaar_air bread with smoked salmonAir bread with smoked salmon tzatziki yogurt

The Bazaar_grapefruit mimosaCava mimosa; with modern traditional olives in the background. The olives burst in your mouth and are beyond description.

Then it was on to tapas:

The Bazaar_watermelon and tomato skewersWatermelon and tomato skewers Pedro Ximenez reduction, lemon dressing

We also enjoyed free range Iberico ham, Catalan style toasted bread, tomato and Escalivada Catalan style roasted red pepper, onion and eggplant but I didn’t take photos. I was too busy watching this being made:

The Bazaar_blood orange screwdriver 1Made table side, it’s a blood orange screwdriver frozen with liquid nitrogen

The Bazaar_blood orange screwdriver 2

Here’s how the blood orange screwdriver looks when served. Yes, it’s frozen!

Next it was time for the “brunch” portion. Since we already had mimosas, then we moved to another morning favorite:

The Bazaar_bloody maryBloody Mary made with freshly made tomato juice and celery-wasabi foam. Spicy and good!

The Bazaar_12 tiny eggs sunny side up

12 tiny eggs sunny side up; huevos a la Cubana “Andy Garcia”

The Bazaar_eggs benedict with fermin iberico ham

Eggs Benedict “New Way” with Fermin Iberico ham (above)

The Bazaar_olive oil pancakes with syrup

Olive oil pancakes with bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup and season mixed berries. Best pancakes I’ve ever had!

The Bazaar_tortillas de patatas potato foam, egg 63Tortillas de Patatas potato foam, egg 63 and caramelized onion puree

The Bazaar_gin and tonicGin and tonic with a spherical ice cube was served at some point.

The Bazaar_decorWe dined on the beautifully-decorated terrace overlooking La Cienega Blvd. I don’t have the details on the design.

The Bazaar_high tea 1

And then we adjourned inside for high tea

The Bazaar_high tea 2

There were so many goodies on this table that I finally had to step away — but not before I gobbled down caviar buns, foie gras sliders and other delicacies.

Anyone who wants to treat me for brunch at The Bazaar let me know.



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2 responses to “Cheers to the best brunch in Los Angeles

  1. urbantravelgirl

    Kelly, I just finished breakfast but am literally SALIVATING looking at these photos and hearing your descriptions. No wonder you wanted to propose to Chef Jose! And to think I was JUST in Washington, D.C., this weekend and didn’t get to try any of his restaurants there. Oh well — I’ll either have to get out there to L.A. or back to Obama’s new hometown to check them out. Thanks for sharing these culinary treasures with us!


    • Yes, come to L.A. so we can go pig out! And I’m shocked the prices are reasonable. Then again, everything is a la carte so by the time I order 10 or 12 plates of everything I want then I’ll have sticker shock. Though there is a “brunch inspired tasting menu” for $40 per person. Quite reasonable, depending on how many items are included.

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